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World Soil Remediation Regulation Web Portal

In the soil environmental area , regulatory requirements vary from country to country or even at smaller boundaries. This map navigates to local regulatory web site that directly or indirectly contains soil remediation related regulatory information. For further research requests, please contact.

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Research and Consulting

We offer custom research and consulting in the following areas. Deliverables can be provided either English or Japanese.

Partial list of focus areas

  • Environmental Business Development Support
  • Sustainability/CSR consulting
  • Supply Chain Management Program Consulting
  • Soil Remediation and Brownfield Development
  • Environmental Risk Management and Due Diligence Support
  • Corporate ESG Disclosure
  • Environmental Liabilities and Asset Retirement Obligations
  • Environmental Insurance
  • Market Research

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Report: " The State of Fukushima Remediation "

Brief description of the report

Remediation of the radioactively contaminated areas around the Fukushima prefecture has started. It is still in the initial stage on the long way.
More than 10 billion dollar budget is expected to be authorized by the fiscal year of 2013. Full-scale remediation work started in the late July in Tamura city, Fukushima prefecture.

This report summarizes the progress of remediation work for radioactively contaminated areas around Fukushima prefecture. The contents include officially released information by authorizing agencies, as well as other information released from private companies and professional papers.


・・probably the most or only comprehensive look review of what has happened and what is planned・・

Craig Modesitt , CEO NFOS, Inc. (California, USA)

・・・The entire Fukushima incident in the US is a quite subject today. I doubt if anyone in the US would have spent the time to pull together the facts like this has. ・・

David J. Dybdahl, CPCU, ARM, MBA
President, American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC (Wisconsin, USA)