Miki Mitsunari (Founder and President)

画像_光成美紀(Miki Mitsunari)

Miki Mitsunari has 21 years experiences in research and consulting on various environmental business development, market research, EHS compliance and sustainability issues. She specializes contaminated land issues including environmental liabilities, valuation, environmental insurance and disclosure. Before her current position, she worked for Mizuho Information and Research Institute for 10.5 years and Tokyu Land Corporation for 2.5 years.

Miki is a frequent contributor of Japanese professional magazines and papers in environment, real estate areas and co-author of several Japanese books. She has also given presentations to industry professionals and practitioners and Japanese local and national government entities. She has served a committee member of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on corporate environmental issues since 2013 and several board members in non-profit organization and industry organizations.
She has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Keio University (Tokyo, Japan) and a master’s degree in environmental studies (Awarded for Excellence) from University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA).

Board director

Publications (English)

  • Remediation Market ㏌ JAPAN Follows a Different Path Than the United States, Environmental Business Journal 2020
  • With Greg Rogers, “Japan’s brownfields brought to bearJapan’s brownfields brought to bear” Environmental Finance · Oct 1, 2007
  • With Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Information Regulation: Do the Victims of Externalities Pay Attention?Journal of Regulatory Economics · Jan 1, 2006

*Please see other publications in Japanese in our Japanese page.

Books (Japanese)

  • With Koichiro Saio, “Asset retirement obligation and environmental liabilities”, Keidanren Publisher · Nov 10, 2009
  • Translation with Makoto Saito, “Managing environmental risks through insurance written by Paul A. Freeman and Howard Kunreuther” Keiso Publisher 2001
  • Miki Mitsunari, “Climate & Environmental Disclosure and Sustainability Management” Keidanren Publisher (2022)

Masao Tomizawa (Senior Consultant)

Masao Tomizawa (Senior Consultant)

Masao Tomizawa has more than 23 years experiences in research and consulting experiences in environmental management, GHG reduction, climate change strategies and business development in Japan and overseas countries.
He has a bachelor’s degree from Yokohama National University, and doctoral degree in engineering from Waseda University (PhD).